aair 3-in-1 Pro ––


The air purifier that does it all.

For living rooms, businesses, conference rooms, and general usage.



The Power Of 3 Air Purifiers In 1

More than just HEPA

The aair 3-in-1 Pro is HEPA class H13, meaning that it captures 99.95% of pollutants down to 0.1 microns and beyond.
aeris takes it a step further: our air filters are coated with zinc pyrithione, which kills trapped bacteria & viruses. UV and ionizer air purifiers claim to do this, but release dangerous by-products in the process.

Exclusive odor and chemical removal technology

Using a combination of activated charcoal and activated alumina the 3 in 1 Pro removes some of the most difficult pollutants such as VOCs, formaldehyde, and even ozone from the air, without any negative side effects.

The Prefilter:

Making your filter last longer and work better

While other air purifiers boast their rate of pollutant removal, aeris purifiers are also made with your needs in mind: by adding a prefilter to remove larger particles, we increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the other 2 filters, ensuring a longer filter lifespan.

Award-Winning Design

The aair 3 in 1 Pro was made with top of the line design aesthetics in mind, taking it a step beyond a home appliance. Its award-winning design will make the aair 3 in 1 Pro one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture in your home. And with 3 specialized colors, these machines are made to match any home’s look.


Backed By The Most Rigorous Testing Available

aair 3 in 1 Pro has been tested by multiple third parties to prove its effectiveness.


Reviews And Testimonials

The fan is massive in this purifier, helping it to move more air quicker. Surprisingly, more air didn’t necessarily mean louder.

Modern Castle

Overall, I really enjoyed this air purifier. The Aeris 3-in-1 Aair Pro is a big air purifier, with even bigger results.


Aeris aair 3-in-1 Pro keeps the lowest noise level astonishingly at 35 decibels (db). That’s a lot quieter than the library’s environment, and you won’t notice any sound when it’s operating.

breathe quality
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I was pretty blown away by the style of the purifiers right away, and figured I’d try out the aair pro. It’s been about a week so far, and I have immediately noticed improved quality of air.
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The purifier is a sharp looking unit. Surprisingly quiet. The on-going display on air quality is reassuring.
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I honestly have been sleeping better... and my cat isn't sneezing. I can no longer smell my dog either and to be honest, I feel better.

Purify Large Rooms Quickly

The ultimate general usage air purifier

removing a wide range of pollutants, including:





Pet Dander







Oil Droplets

The Only Truly Smart Air Purifier

Intelligent Sensors:

Purifiers that learn as they’re used

Using IAQ Sensor Technology, aeris air purifiers learn to run more effectively and more efficiently over time, saving you money on your energy bill.

The App:

Control your purifier from anywhere

Use the aeris app to get full insight and control over your indoor air quality from anywhere in the world.

Built In Air Quality Monitor:

Full transparency

Use the aeris app to get full insight and control over your indoor air quality from anywhere in the world.

Not Just Effective. Safe.

  • Filter room size:
    750 ft2
  • Filter life:
    12 months
  • Fine Particle CADR:
    Up to 390 CFM
  • Gas Phase CADR:
    Up to 115 CFM
  • Air changes per hour:
  • Filter Class:
    F7 and H13
  • Filter Layers:
  • Noise:
    35 – 65 dB(a)
  • Power:
    25W (avg) | >180W (max)
  • Dimensions:
    14.56×15.23×23.62 in
  • Weight:
    35 lbs
  • CCM:
  • WiFi Connectivity:
    IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • PM2.5/PM10 Sensor:
    aeris asense
  • Sleeve: Graphite/Peach/Stark White

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