The Technology Guiding aeris’s Swiss-Engineered Air Purification

From HEPA to activated charcoal, aeris’s purifiers are made with every detail in mind, and at the highest level of sophistication.

Explore the technology behind our purifiers in the slider below.



The EN1822 tests are based on the latest European standards for air purifiers.

This test shows the efficacy of our filters after being discharged in a salt bath: a test which shows the long term efficiency of air purifiers.


The ISO18184 test that measures the reduction of Coronavirus on our filter material.

This shows the efficacy of our filter in killing 94% of the virus over the course of two hours.

Remove The Smallest Particles Quickly

Whether it’s viruses, bacteria, wildfire smoke, or allergens, aeris purifiers are able to remove your pollutants quickly and effectively. See the graphs below for more information.

Aeris In Action

Aeris Technology vs. Others